ABINITv8.0.7 released

ABINIT version 8.0.7 is available ...
You will find it on the ABINIT Web site (http://www.abinit.org), starting from

During the last year, new features were added to ABINIT, but also,
the developers performed in-depth cleaning, and made ABINIT better suited for
further developments and adaptation to new architectures.
In doing so, some obsolete capabilities have been removed, some backward compatibility
have been lost, some input variables have been renamed, etc .
This is all described in the release notes, also with the new features
(related to Van der Waals, pseudopotentials, DMFT, Bethe-Salpeter equation, effective masses,
GW, strain perturbation, positron, temperature-dependent electronic structure, …).

For the new features of v8.0 compared to v7.10, please, see the release notes, at
Please, read the installation notes at
For the list of contributors, see the above-mentioned release notes.

For a detailed description of the developments in ABINIT that happened during the last six years, see the paper recently published in Computer Physics Communications 205, 106 (2016), a preprint being available at http://www.abinit.org/about/ABINIT16.pdf .

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