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ESpinS - Esfahan Spin Simulation package



ESpinS, Esfahan Spin Simulation package, is a classical Monte-Carlo simulation package for the calculation of thermodynamic properties of magnetic material. In ESpinS, the spin model hamiltonian of a spin system can be defined through the Heisenberg exchange, bi-quadratic, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya, and single-ion interactions. Spin configurations can be updated through either local Metropolis updating or parallel tempering.

The package is freely available under the GPL license (see


The theoretical background is summarized in this paper:

Nafise Rezaei, Mojtaba Alaei, Hadi Akbarzadeh, ESpinS: A program for classical Monte-Carlo simulations of spin systems, Computational Materials Science, 202, 110947 (2022).



The package requires the following software:

  • Fortran 90 compiler, such as GFortran or IFORT
  • BLAS and LAPACK library
  • MPI library (openmpi)



ESpinS was written by Nafise Rezaei (main developer) and Mojtaba Alaei. Some subroutines were taken from the wannier90 package and were modified according to special purposes.

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